So far the best marathon. After running 3:10h in 2014, I went for the sub 3. The great group training and training plan from coach Lodewijk van Dongen paid out! Lodewijk accompanied me on the bike which was an amazing way of giving support.

From 32k I had continuous muscular problems which slowly developed into cramps. Not sure whether I became slower because of the pain or general exhaustion. Maybe a mix. What I learned from this experience: Running at a more constant pace and improve my endurance to reduce the risk of hitting the wall at 35k. Considering the partly windy sections and the temperature (20-24C), I am very content.

10k – 41:30
21,1k – 1:26:38
30k – 2:03:53
40k – 2:49:05
42,2k – 2:59:27