It is my first time in this race and it was a wonderful experience, one of the best in my runner life.
It was difficult start close to the start line because a lot of people joined the CPC run (7.500 runners only for the 10km). I’m from Italy and run in a different country is always a new story to live.
Along the start i met my friends of Haag Atletiek Moniem and Maikel, we run together for the first positions!

After the start i tried to push the speed but after the first 5km I understood that wasn’t a good day to have my PB.
So i reduced a little bit my pace and tring to keep it until the finish line.
Along the last 1km was amazing with all that people that pushed every runner to arrive to the finish line.

For sure will be a memory that i will bring with me in all my life!!

The results of the CPC 2024:

Giorgio Soldani